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Awaken Your Truth, Self-Realization Through Sound

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Sound Healer / Reiki Master

My entire life has been generated upon the excitement and mystery of sound. I grew up playing instruments to find a way to express the profound content of emotions that I experience on a daily basis. Through constant trial and error, by 2013 I developed Crystal Voyager; an electronic music project that became my lifelong journey. As every quest has its struggles, I found myself at a turning point in my mental health around this same time that brought me to realize the path of healing that was truly necessary for my growth. In 2014 I went to yoga training and started teaching full time and continued performing and writing music as Crystal Voyager, but always with hope of someday merging both worlds of wellness and sound. By 2019 I discovered sound healing as a holistic practice and was immediately hooked. I began sound healing regularly and after a few years began discovering profound energetic shifts and deiced to get a Reiki Master certificate to further my education of the mysterious energy I was experiencing. Crystal Voyager Vibes Sound Healing is the unity of all things creative and all things healing.

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